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Testimonials for Eileen Troberman
Alexander Technique San Diego

Carrie Goodwiler, Voice Actor and Singer "After my first lesson with Eileen, on the car ride home, I was singing along to a familiar playlist and I noticed immediately that my voice was more resonant, and that my lower range was extended by at least two full notes! Then I submitted some voice auditions, and whether I end up getting the jobs or not, I was very satisfied with the emotional range I was able to access effortlessly. Can't wait to see Eileen again!"

Carrie Goodwiler
Voice Actor and Singer

Elizabeth Ames  - 
Libby Ames, RN, Paramedic, Massage therapist"I have worked with Eileen via Skype for two months, after seven month of hands-on with a local teacher. I was worried about using Skype, since I'd always associated feeling the hands of the teacher as essential to the Alexander Technique, but I really liked Eileen's website videos, so I decided to go for it.

"It has worked out amazingly well. By bringing my attention to the tiny details she mysteriously seems to be able to spot instantly, I can link into the whole AT concept of using the thought of a direction without trying to attach it to previously familiar body sensations. I feel I am at a whole new level. I think of a thought, I don't try to make it turn into a feeling, and then - something magical happens. I feel 'lighter,' my knees and low back stop hurting and my neck and jaw relax. I feel happier and much more 'in the moment'. I actually think Skype with Eileen works much better than hands-on, since I am doing it the way Alexander himself did, purely by disengaging habitual body response as I think of some direction, let the thought float away, and notice what happens!"

Libby Ames, RN
Paramedic, Massage Therapist; Cincinnati, Ohio

Paul Chek  - ."In my work as a Holistic Health Practitioner, it is essential to have a functional understanding of a wide variety of healing methods. My research led me to a study of the Alexander Technique. I was very impressed by the scientific and practical rationale for the method, so I began asking around my community who was "the best Alexander Practitioner". I was given Eileen's name multiple times, and when I saw the consensus of opinion on her expertise, I booked an appointment so I could learn from a master. Needless to say, Eileen is a very centered, highly educated, skillful woman, who in a few hours, made it very clear to me how powerful and beneficial Alexander work is. I began referring her clients with only very positive results. She is like a zen Master that can teach you how to be present in yourself, and move effortlessly. When Eileen guides you to using your body naturally and effortlessly, it is as though a well-spring of previously bound energy is now free to express itself through you as new-found joy and creativity. If you want masterful help, see the Master. From my personal experience, I suspect that if Alexander himself were still here, he too would be on Eileen's client list.
Love and chi, "

Paul Chek
Holistic Health Practitioner
C.H.E.K Institute

Eleonor England  - professional jazz singer and  singing teacher."My name is Ellie and I'm a professional jazz singer and singing teacher in New York City. I previously was teaching and singing in Hollywood, San Francisco, and San Diego travelling between them each week. I have long used Eileen, not only myself to improve my singing, but to refer students to her from my teaching studio so that they could make faster and deeper progress. At conservatories and universities with outstanding music departments, it is a given that they have an Alexander Technique teacher there working with the students and I wanted to give my students as serious of a training as possible.

"I think I met Eileen in 2004 or 2005 when one of the students I recommended take Alexander Technique found her offices in Leucadia (pretty much, that is Encinitas). I went to her myself once and that was it - I was hooked because she was a tremendous teacher and I heard results in my singing voice right away. I signed up for weekly lessons, myself!

"Fast forward to 2016. I have moved to New York (Sept 2015), but continue to see San Diego students via Skype and been referring to Eileen for 12-13 years. I have been going to her for the same length of time and seeing her when I am back in San Diego every few months. The results in my students are phenomenal, but also my singing voice has become much better. I have, of course, had years of vocal training, but Alexander Technique is essential to getting your best voice possible and Eileen is one of the best teachers out there!

"As you can tell, I can't recommend Eileen Troberman enough. I know people say that, but really this is absolutely true. Whenever a student goes to her, they make much, much faster progress in their speaking or singing lessons with me - it is well worth the time and the money to go if you value more productive time in your voice lessons. As a singer, though, she has given me the edge I need to really be the best I can possibly be - an ongoing endeavour, to be sure, but now I have not only the vocal skills, but the ease of use of my voice to be competitive in the crowded NYC market."

Eleonor England
Professional jazz singer and singing teacher.

Lisa Gutkin  - Grammy-award winning fiddler/composer/singer/and songwriter."I came to Eileen Troberman in a great deal of pain from a car accident. I was in San Diego to work on a play as an onstage musician, which included running while playing the violin, and many, many hours of rehearsals. Eileen helped me with all aspects of the work, from how I stood when I was not playing, to how I held my head when I was. I healed so much in the two months that I worked with her - in huge increments from each lesson. And even better then that - both my playing and singing are freer than they have ever been. Eileen has an amazing way of teaching. She was completely intuitive to my way of learning - she used imagery, examples with skeletons and pictures, and mantra like sentences, which was exactly what I needed to maintain my progress while focusing on intricate work. Each lesson left me in awe of how much we can truly impact our own well being with the right guidance. I am so very grateful to her not only for how great I feel, but for the gift of that awe."

Lisa Gutkin
Grammy-award winning fiddler/composer/singer/and songwriter.

Father Dominic DeLay - Priest, filmmaker, director and singer."After years of trying many methods to free myself of neck pain and headaches, I came to Eileen and the Alexander Technique. It didn't take long at all for me to find near complete healing. Now Eileen is helping me learn to move in a way that is gradually alleviating the back pain I incur from simple daily activities.

"But it's not just about avoiding pain. Eileen's joy and gentleness has a way of inviting me to embrace life with peace and patience."

Fr. Dominic DeLay, OP.
Priest, filmmaker, director and singer.

Dr. Jeffrey Pearson, D.O. - 
Sports Medicine Physician"I can't speak highly enough about Eileen Troberman and her Alexander Technique San Diego center. As a physician with a great deal of expertise in musculoskeletal matters and as a performer, I consider the teachings of Alexander Technique training as something that should be essential to everybody's basic knowledge of how to go about their activities of daily living. Whether you're performing in front of an audience or in a cubicle, learning how to move with ease (absence of tension) will improve your skills and comfort. In addition to myself and family members, I've referred many patients to Eileen. She is simply amazing and my patients all learn from her. I heartily recommend her!"

Dr. Jeffrey Pearson, D.O.
Sports Medicine Physician

Jeff Hart - Professional Golf Association Champion's Tour "Since studying with Eileen just before and during this year's PGA Champions tour, I've had my best year ever! You wouldn't expect someone to get so much better when they're older and after almost 30 years of being in the PGA!

"Posture and set-up are two of the most important elements to a good golf swing. Eileen has helped me tremendously with both, and my ball striking has improved as a result. Her teaching has helped more than just my golf, it has improved my movement in everything I do."

Jeff Hart
Professional Golf Association (PGA) Champion's Tour

Joel Unsworth - Helicopter Pilot"During my ten years of operating helicopters I had developed severe back pain. Throughout my career I visited chiropractors, physical therapists and exercise professionals who would only manage the condition. The pain forced me to take a leave of absence from my career. After countless attempts from health professionals mentioned above, 5 months had passed with only minor positive result that usually recessed over time. Emotionally and physically drained I found myself in Eileen Troberman's Office. I was skeptical at first but instantaneously became a believer in the Alexander technique.

"I can't express in words Eileen's ability as a teacher and her understanding of the human body. Within just four lessons, implementing her teachings in my daily life, my pain was eliminated completely."

Joel Unsworth
Helicopter Pilot

Claire Worsey - French Horn Student"My Alexander lessons with Eileen helped my playing so much over just one summer which is particularly evident now that I'm back in term at Bard Conservatory and playing principal horn for the first time. I find the technique immensely helpful and use it everyday when I play and just when I'm walking!

"My horn case is a backpack which is probably the ideal way to carry it. The only tricky part is when I have both horn and backpack but I am able to hold my horn case with a strap on the top.

"I'm really glad that you're teaching my mom. For the last year she kept asking me what Alexander technique was and I couldn't quite explain it to her so I figured she should just try it for herself! "

Claire Worsey
French Horn Student

Juan Carlos - Piano Student"I started Alexander Technique lessons with Eileen because of a severe piano-related injury on both forearms. At that time, I was unable to play because of the pain and I was forced to take a leave of absence from college. After a few months of lessons, I am able to perform again, pain free, with more ease and better tone quality. Thanks to Eileen and Alexander Technique I will be able to return to college this fall to finish my Bachelor's degree in music."

Juan Carlos
Piano Student

Julie Cone - Dancer"Eileen is an exceptional teacher and I recommend her to anyone looking to find ease of movement in their own body and prevent future pain. As a lifelong dancer and a dance and yoga teacher, I started Alexander Technique to improve my movement and flexibility and after my first lesson with Eileen I knew right away that I had found an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Each appointment with Eileen I learn important information about how to move the human body in a healthy and efficient way. Eileen always knows exactly how to best help me on that particular day and with whatever questions/issues I bring up, so that each appointment with her is unique and fits my needs. Since I have started lessons with Eileen, my whole body movement and feeling has improved, I have less pain and more mobility in all of my joints, I have learned how to breath correctly and correct the root of many of my movement problems beginning with my own thought patterns about movement. Eileen is an incredibly calming, insightful, and caring teacher as well, I can't recommend her enough!"

Julie Cone
Alexander student for 6+ months

Andrea Fortier - Violist
Photo by Tony Eisenhower
Excerpts from Andrea's admission letter that won her a full scholarship to The Juilliard School. "Although we had always been looking, that was when my ever more frantic, never ending search for the cure (for tendinitis) began. Everyone had a different solution. One teacher told me my viola setup was completely wrong, another told me that my technique was flawed, and many said I needed to stop playing entirely. Each time I fixed something from my posture, the pain in one area would be relieved only to jump to a new area. I was feeling pain in places that tendons didn't even exist. My teachers and doctors where perplexed, and no one understood why I still had pain. After over a year of struggle, we concluded that I had to stop playing entirely to heal. This meant I would miss the window for college auditions for Fall of 2013. I recall these six months of "healing" as the most painful I've ever experienced. The pain never subsided from not playing.

One day, I received an email from a teacher. Having heard about my struggle, he referred me to an Alexander Technique teacher, Eileen Troberman. After the first session, I found out that all the pain I had derived from tense shoulders. Over the next few months, we worked to fix the way I moved both with and without the viola. Eventually, I was back to playing full time. It was a miracle." Click
here to read Andrea's entire admission essay.

Andrea Fortier
Violist and Juilliard student

Allegra, television anchor, lauds the Alexander Technique"Hi. My name is Allegra and I'm a television anchor and an actor. And as a hobby, I skydive and I play Polo. I sought out Eileen two or three months ago because both in my acting and in my anchoring I was having issues with my voice. I had a lot of tension in my throat. My voice got very tired especially on long days on camera where I pushed in the wrong manner and I actually even lost my voice which is a problem when I work several days in a row. I knew the Alexander Technique though I didn't know it that well, but I was aware that probably with body posture and with movement, I could help my voice and actually that's exactly what happened.

"And on top of that I had several good surprises in the sense that another of my issues is that I have a lot of stage fright and working with Eileen has really helped me work through those tensions in my body that block me especially before auditions so doing what she suggested is a great way to relax and then when I'm on set, applying the same methods, obviously you know, adapted to the situation, really helps me out in relaxing my body relaxing my voice and the result is, first of all I don't lose my voice which is the most important thing. I have a much better quality of voice.

"I'm also finding a lot of benefits in the sports and to be completely honest, also in my private life in the sense that applying the Alexander Technique and applying what Eileen is teaching me again makes me much more present so it make me more accessible." See the results and listen to all of Allegra's words by clicking her image above.

Allegra Nasi
Television Anchor in Italy

Sarah Vay Kerns : Teacher and Performer of the Flute
"Her office was inviting, and Eileen was welcoming and accommodating. I loved being able to see the way that muscles interact and how everything is so connected. She was able to recognize and treat both my specific symptoms and the underlying causes. While I was lying on the table, I went through a series of emotions: building worry that I had made a mistake, and that this would be ineffective, then hope that it was actually going to work, until I reached amazement, that without prescription drugs, without intensive massage work, and without multiple painful physical therapy appointments, Eileen had eliminated 90% of my pain. I was convinced.

I left her office moving better and without pain, armed with knowledge about how I was using my body. She coached me to retrain the way I breathed, walked, and played my flute to avoid creating spasms. I scheduled a second appointment for the next morning. Eileen's treatment and training are the reason I was able to get through the weekend, and not only that, I was able to perform without the stress and concern that I normally experience in high pressure situations like that. It was a truly liberating experience. It was the final push I needed to help me to go on to win 1st place at the San Diego Flute Guild Artist Gold Competition." Read the entire testimonial by clicking here.

Sarah Vay Kerns
Flute Teacher and Performer

Brenda, a pianist and piano teacher
"Hello my name is Brenda and I'm a student of Eileen Troberman.  I've studied with Eileen, the Alexander Technique for the past almost 16 years.  When I first came to Eileen, I was a few months out of neck surgery. I have a lot of stress a lot of tension up in my other body.  I'm also a pianist.  I do classical and some jazz and i'm a piano teacher.so as I said when I first came to Eileen,  I had a lot of tension, I felt a lot of tension, but in working with her and her hands-on approach her gentle way – and um the gift that she has of looking at anyone, no matter what their line of work is and telling them how to move more effectively and how to release and make them aware of ways they're holding habits they have that they don't even know they have because they have been doing them so long, she is really good at helping to release those tensions and so I just wanted to give my testimonial today to recommend her. If you're looking to find ways to move effectively,to have less tension and to also just improve your confidence and sense of well-being,  I highly recommend Eileen Troberman." See the results and listen to all of Brenda's words by clicking her image above.

Brenda Martin
Pianist and piano teacher

Alex Miguel : dentist
"My first contact with Eileen was thorough her videos in YouTube. I was searching if Alexander technique could help me with back and neck pains which are typical when working as a dentist. I saw many interesting videos and read many pages about Alexander technique which I already knew a little about. But I got coming back to Eileen's videos; it is the way Eileen explains how to use AT, it is just better than others I have seen. Eileen communicates the technique in a very easy to understand way. You get her point very quickly. I contacted Eileen and since I have been having lessons through "Skype" as the second best option (I live in Denmark). I am amazed how fast Eileen can see what I am doing wrong in the computer screen, even small tensions are noticed right away and then Eileen explains how to correct it in her usual wonderful way.

"My Back and neck pains have diminish a lot, I feel much more relaxed when I work. There is a feeling of ease in my whole body in general now. Eileen is a great teacher!

Alex Miguel
Dentist in Copenhagen,Denmark

Thomas T. Liu, Ph.D., Professor  Radiology and Bioengineering"My son and I have had the pleasure of studying with Eileen for over a year. Eileen has a profound knowledge of human anatomy, sensory awareness, and movement. She has helped my son play the piano with greater ease and command of the instrument and has helped us both to develop better postural habits and learn to use our minds and bodies in a more effective, relaxed, and integrated manner.  I am always amazed by Eileen's keen observations and insights.  She has a  wonderful way of explaining the principles of the Alexander Technique and showing a student how to apply those principles to their everyday lives.  Anyone who is interested in learning to move through life with greater ease would benefit greatly from lessons with Eileen. "

Tom Liu
Professor of Radiology and Bioengineering, UCSD

Lukas Gage : Actor
"Eileen and the Alexander Technique has not only helped me with my bad postural habits, but has helped my acting by heightening my awareness,vocal relaxation, and the mind/body connection to make me more present and completely in my body.

"Thank you Eileen!

Lukas Gage

Alexander Technique teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Barefoot Runner in Boston
" Wow!

"A Wow treatment, maybe the single most effective Alexander Treatment I've experienced. My head still floats atop my spine,  I'm still seeing the world from a different point of view, physically, and even mentally.

"Thanks so much for that amazing treatment. I'm inspired to become more involved in the AT world, maybe starting with an essay on barefoot running and AT. "

Jim Paisner
Alexander Technique teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Barefoot Runner in Boston

Matt Hoverman: Actor, teacher, playwright
"I first worked with Eileen in the MFA in Acting program at the University of California, San Diego, where she was brought in to teach for a semester. I had been taking acting, movement and voice classes my whole life – and in moments, I knew that I was in the presence of a master teacher who could help me address my tendency to "push" in a way no teacher before had been able. I continued to study with her privately, and the ease and spontaneity she brought into my acting work made a profound difference in my time at school and my professional career once I graduated. I moved to New York, and worked with many Alexander teachers there, but none has come close to Eileen's particular genius. Now that I'm a teacher myself (I teach a class in writing/performing one-person plays), I've come to admire Eileen even more for her teaching style: she is able to communicate clearly and practically about very subtle adjustments and she never addresses an issue in a session that she cannot help you improve in that session – so you never feel overwhelmed. I couldn't recommend her more highly." "

Matt Hoverman
Actor, teacher, playwright

Kara Alaimo Director of Operations for the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos"Eileen is an exceptional communicator.  As the Director of Operations for a large organization I understand how difficult it is to communicate with a variety of types of people who understand and process information in different ways.

The Alexander Technique requires her to communicate the same concepts to a huge variety of people in a personalized way that they can understand so that it may improve their quality of life.  Her communication skills are so on point that I only went to three sessions and I have mastered the ability to be pain free.  Before those three sessions I was on a very strong nerve pain medicine for over a year for a hemorrhaged disk in my Lumbar spine.  After the first session I stopped taking the medicine and I have never gone back.  Eileen gave me my life back."

Kara Alaimo
Director of Operations for the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos

Analise's own words Miss. Eileen helps people and me breath ... Analise practising a 'silent ahhh' with Eileen Troberman"Analise was born with a hernia on her diaphragm muscle that was not diagnosed until she was two years old. As a result, she lived in a great deal of pain and used only the top portion of her lungs to breath. Her inability to breath properly made it impossible for Analise to speak clearly or walk far due to extreme shortness of breath.

Analise started seeing Eileen when she was four. After only one lesson with Eileen, I could tell her pain was greatly decreased. She danced and bounced around the house, something she had never done before, and was clearly happier. After seeing Eileen twice, I could see improvements in her ability to breath. Eileen has changed Analise's life for the better. Her stamina has increased, she can now walk without getting tired, and her speech has improved. When Eileen works with Analise, Analise says "I feel good everywhere."

Eileen is amazing. She speaks to Analise in terms that Analise can understand and learn from. She is a wonderful teacher who truly cares about helping her students. I am constantly impressed by Eileen and how much she continues to help Analise. "

Analise's mom

Mark Dresser bassist and professor of music
"The Alexander Technique is a completely relevant body of information, especially for performers. I learned about Eileen Troberman several years ago from a bass student who developed a serious 'overuse' related injury. After seeing a neurologist who recommended he just rest and use anti-inflammatory drugs, he found Eileen. After three lessons within two weeks, he was symptom-free. I began studying with her.

Lessons with Eileen are an education in Alexander's principles of free movement, in which a multi-level understanding of body usage replaces 'feel' and habit. These principles are reinforced by her remarkable hands-on physical adjustment in which she gently 'unwinds' physical tension. Eileen Troberman is a gifted teacher who I recommend to students who are experiencing physical issues. She has also taught quarter long seminars in Alexander Technique at UCSD's Department of Music."

Mark Dresser
Professor of Music, UCSD

Kate Conklin performer with Cirque
"My work with Eileen and The Alexander Technique has been by far the most important thing I have done for my performing career and my life in general. I have experienced increased awareness, intensity, focus and effectiveness. Since beginning with Eileen I have received many compliments about my stage presence and conviction as a singer. My own experience has been that I have more stamina, and a sense of ease and liveliness, and dramatically increased my breath capacity. I have much less tension and nervousness, and what I always considered chronic back pain has reduced significantly, to the point where I can now manage it easily by myself. "

Kate Conklin
Performer with Cirque

Doris Koppelman piano teacher and author
"I am a Suzuki piano teacher and have been taking Alexander lessons from Eileen Troberman for over 10 years. They have changed my life. Eileen is the best 'piano teacher' I have ever had. By helping me to understand how I am using my body when playing the piano and guiding me to experience the changes in sound and ease in playing that come about with changes in body use, I have developed a whole new approach to piano technic. These days I play more musically with a better tone and can teach my students to do the same. What fun! Of course, I also walk better, hoist my suitcase into overheard compartments more easily, have more energy and even look younger! Thank you Eileen."

Doris Koppelman
Piano Teacher, Author

Louise Simpson
"As a long time student of the Alexander Technique, I can attest to the many benefits of studying it. It has helped my movement to become more graceful and sophisticated, and it allows me to function on a day to day basis without any of the aches and pains that affect many people as a result of the stresses and strains of modern life. This result is especially remarkable because I have scoliosis. Many years ago, before I'd put myself in the capable hands of my Alexander teacher, Eileen Troberman, I was experiencing a lot of pain as a result of a couple of accidents layered on top of my scoliosis. Eileen's skilled and caring approach to the teaching the Alexander Technique helped me through this time and lead me to a pain -- free state. For me, this technique has been highly effective, and I especially recommend Eileen as a practitioner who literally has years of hands on experience dealing with scolisis.

Louise Simpson

Noble Kine high school teacher
"When she touches my neck the muscles let go and I feel myself getting taller.

"Just have the mental image of your head moving forward and up." I try, and somehow she can tell if it's working or not. I can't tell until the next day, when I see myself in the mirror and think "That's me?"

Noble Kime
High School Teacher

Liat Ayalon behavioural neuroscientist
"I've been working with Eileen during my pregnancy and it has been a wonderful and important experience.

"As my body's size and shape changed, I felt that I needed to adapt my posture so I can stand, sit, walk, and dance in a way that keeps feeling good and natural. The Alexander sessions with Eileen helped me unlearn old postural habits that did not support my growing body and acquire new ways to protect my lower back as my belly started pulling me forward...

."Eileen has an amazing understanding of the human body and the ways it interacts with the mind. Through gentle touch and very clear images and metaphors she opens a gate allowing the brain to let the body do what it already knows naturally but has forgotten…

 "I feel that studying the Alexander Technique with Eileen can lead to major changes in posture, balance, and ease of movement and make our bodies a more pleasant place to spend our lives in."

Liat Ayalon
Behavioural Neuroscientist

Doron Peisic vocalist
"I have always loved singing but could not finish a single line of a Broadway song as it was meant to be in one breath. Thus I pursued a way to increase my air capacity, so that I could.

"I started the Alexander technique with Eileen four years ago. My lung capacity achieved my goals and provided me singing confidence, improved sound projection, and my performance bookings increased 95%.

"I am delighted to have Eileen as a coach and the Alexander Technique tools are always with me as they are now second nature.

"Eileen, I acknowledge you and thank you for your dedication, generosity, and contribution to my singing success enabling others to enjoy and for me to increase my income."

Doron Peisic

I'll never forget my first experience with Eileen. I took a one-night Alexander Technique introductory class with about 25 other people. With Eileen's hands hands I suddenly had a sense of lightness and ease that was completely unknown, and very enjoyable. From the looks on the other participants' faces, I figured that their experiences were similar to mine. I began lessons with Eileen and she taught me so much about my postural habits and the ways of using myself. With her great suggestions and wonderful touch, Eileen helped me become aware of these habits, which interfered my ability to move comfortably or even caused me pain, and taught me to move in different way. After a few months of thoroughly enjoyable lessons, I realized I no longer had the pain which brought me to Eileen (chronic sciatica), or the laundry list of other problems I had (neck pain and stiffness, headaches, shoulder pain). I also felt much more comfortable in my body, and began to feel not just pain-free, but also energetic and healthy. I was hooked.

"My lessons with Eileen also helped me in my job, exercising racehorses. I used to have joint pain in my knees and sores on my legs from riding tough horses. Through Alexander Technique lessons, I got rid of both, my balance improved, I enjoyed my work more, and the horses I rode were calmer and easier to ride. At the end of the day I felt much better: I was more comfortable, not as tired, and not in pain."

Evelyn Hess
Exercise Rider

Jessica Radulovich - Structural Integrator and Performing Artist"Working with Eileen over the past two years, my movement capacities have increasingly refined with each session. As a body worker and dancer, finding effective body use is quite important. Through practicing Alexander Technique under Eileen's tutelage I have found more free and easier movements in my dancing, as well as more sensitive, effective and sustainable posture and touch in my bodywork practice. Eileen's heartfelt enthusiasm for her work and the act of attaining grace is healthily contagious. I leave her office feeling invigorated, light and free. I appreciate her ability to adaptively communicate Alexander Technique in ways that clearly make sense to me. Her ability to apply Alexander Technique to any specific movement situation I bring up is a fantastic testament to the depth of her knowledge. "

Jessica Radulovich
Structural Integrator and Performing Artist

Curt Smith engineering physist "The Alexander Technique has been extremely beneficial for me in significantly reducing chronic shoulder, neck and low back pain that I had developed as a result of an injury and being hunched over a computer for many years. With a degree in engineering physics and being involved in research and development all of my life, I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning to say the least but decided to keep an open mind. I've found that there is actually a lot of science behind the Alexander Technique and the significant benefits I experienced convinced me. Besides the chronic pain relief and tight muscle relief, I sleep much better and my friends comment on my great posture that I've developed."

Curt Smith
Engineering Physist

Brenda Martin pianist and professor
"Ms. Troberman's immense knowledge and understanding of the Alexander Technique, her continuous quest to learn more ways to teach efficient movement, and her genuine concern for the well-being of her students make her a teacher of the highest caliber. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants learn how to move more freely and to eliminate tension or pain. She is a true healer, and she has changed my life dramatically."

Brenda Martin
Piano Professor, Point Loma Nazarene University

Paul Kenyon pianist and professor
"The teachings of F. M. Alexander have revolutionized my understanding of the way the body moves, whether running, playing the piano or just living. Eileen is not only one of the clearest proponents of the Alexander Technique anywhere, but she is also one of the finest teachers I know in any discipline."

Paul Kenyon
Piano Professor, Point Loma Nazarene University

Learn more of Paul's thoughts about Eileen on his

Marti Lynch jazz singer
"Her teaching skills have helped to improve my body alignment as well as diminish the beginnings of osteoporosis. Her skill has helped to lessen physical illness, adding to a better mental and physical functioning for me. I can see the differences in such activities as walking, sitting, standing, driving a car, using a computer and gardening.

"Furthermore, and most important to me, is the fact that my vocal power has increased in the last five years. This is vitally important for me since I sing professionally, write original songs and have recorded three professional Vocal compact discs. This growth has improved my self-esteem and Eileen's extremely positive attitude along with her effective exercises and manipulations have truly energized my life, immeasurably."

Marti Lynch, Ma.-Ed.
Vocalist/Songwriter/Recording Artist

Dave Talbott certified business coach
"I was first referred to Eileen a few years ago by a voice teacher I was using. The voice teacher had a PhD in music and the traditional classic training. In the very first lesson with Eileen I could hear my voice open up. Now that I have been taking lessons for some time, my voice has greater range (both upper and lower) as well as better tone, control and character. I have learned much that is helpful in speaking – after all, that is who Alexander was – a Shakespearian actor. Eileen has also helped in my bass playing. I am a professional Buisness Coach and Eileen taught me specific techniques that helped me to be "in the moment" when listening and also when presenting to larger groups at conferences. I have had quite a few sessions over the last few years and it has had a cumulative effect. When my mother came out for a visit, she remarked that I was no longer "round shouldered". It even helps with surfing and other athletic activities."

Dave Talbott
Certified Business Coach

Paul DiMilla actor
"The Alexander Technique is an invaluable resource to include in an actor's bag of tricks. It helps with presence, voice and movement. It frees you up to give an incredible performance without the needless effort. It helps you act without acting. It has benefited me greatly and encourage all other performers to study it.

"I also highly recommend Eileen as an Alexander Teacher. Not only does she recognize and correct your misuse of your body, she will also explain to you what you are doing and how to correct it. She will work with you until you get it. Plus, she's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!!"

Paul DiMilla

Barbara Lee retired mMarketing executive
"I have had severe scoliosis since childhood. My Alexander Technique lessons with Eileen have enabled me to avoid the back pains that would ordinarily be a result of my condition."
Barbara Lee
Retired Marketing Executive

"I noticed changes after the first session and big changes after the first few. Eileen is a master of the art and her studio is a magical place! Thanks for some wonderful work - my system is busy integrating it."


"As a Pilates instructor with a wide range of clients, I can never get enough tools and ideas on how to help my clients maintain effective body mechanics while in the studio doing Pilates and take what they've learned outside the studio into their day to day activities. This is a challenge because we all have a few "constants" working against us: gravity, aging, the stresses of life, and athletic and misuse injury, etc. The AT provides tools with which to meet the challenges, and Eileen has the experience and skills to observe and facilitate the necessary changes in the way we move, sit and stand."

Ken Nelson
Pilates Instructor

"Eileen has an interest in how the brain works and in functional anatomy, both of which are areas of interest and continual study for her. She came to the Technique from a background in acting and gymnastics"

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