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Dancers Gain Poise, Control and
Relief from Discomfort

Have you ever watched a dance company perform and noticed how some members of the company have an effortless grace and ability and a seemingly natural inherent skill while others, who may move accurately, move with excess effort and strain? Remember how you felt watching both types of performers. Which ones did you enjoy watching the most? Which ones seemed the most skilled? This ease and skill is in all of us. It is a surprisingly simple process to uncover it in yourself.

Dancers often come to Eileen Troberman's Alexander Technique of San Diego Studio at first because they want relief from the discomfort of an injury or chronic pain or a limit of flexibility, but they continue studying because they receive much more. As a dancer, the Technique will give you a poise, control and aliveness, allowing you to uncover the freedom of your unique self-expression.

Dancers who study the Technique can expect to gain:

  • An increase in flexibility
  • Greater stage presence
  • A new kinesthetic accuracy
  • Grace and poise
  • Elegance
  • A sense of effortlessness
  • Increased speed in changeability of direction
  • The ability to avoid strain and injury

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