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Improve Your Life

The Alexander Technique is designed to change your life for the better. Here are some of the ways you can improve your daily life taking lessons from Eileen Troberman at the Alexander Technique of San Diego:


You can improve your general health by using the Alexander Technique.

By teaching you how to move in a way that releases excess tension and compression, the Alexander Technique takes pressure off of joints, maintaining their good functioning and preventing arthritis. The Technique helps with improved blood flow to organs and reduces pressure on nerves by reducing collapsed posture and compression and giving the freedom of coordination that helps the internal organs function fully and at their best. The Alexander Technique helps lower blood pressure, improves breathing and helps with relief from eye strain.

Emotions and Mood

You can feel better mentally by using the Technique.

How you sit, stand and move effects how you feel physically and mentally. We have all had the experience of seeing a friend or family member at a distance and being able to ascertain their mood by how they are sitting, standing or walking. We can observe this from their muscle tone. When they feel down, their body has a heavy downward pressure. When they feel happy they have a buoyant upward direction to their body use. These changes are clearly visible. How we feel is how we feel in our body. You can change your mood by changing the muscle tone of how you move. Happiness, confidence, calmness, and a lightness of being can be created at will by using the Alexander Technique.


You can use the Technique to age well and maintain youthfulness of body and movement.

Most people do not realize that they apply downward pressure and tension to begin any action, to feel "ready". Because we don't realize this, we don't completely undo this added pressure when we complete our action. We get used to carrying around this extra pressure and compression and soon it feels normal to us and becomes unnoticed. Since the pressure we now carry feels normal to us, the next time we do another action, we add even more pressure on top of the pressure we are carrying so we can feel "ready" again. As this goes on throughout life, it leads to shortening of height with age and more difficulty doing everyday movements. It eventually puts excess wear on our joints and causes us pain. This can be prevented.


You can have true natural perfect posture by using the Technique.

Most of what we have traditionally learned about posture involves holding ourselves in a "correct" fixed position. We grow up learning to use muscles to pull us into right alignment pulling against other muscles that pull us out of alignment. This is uncomfortable and tiring to hold. Unfortunately, we can get used to holding this and barely feel we are doing it and we don't know that it is leading us to stiffness, tension and pain. Or we just slump and this leads to muscle pulls and compression of organs as well as joints. True good posture is the result of our body's naturally employing a complex tone of releasing in expanding directions. It is as natural and effortless to us as it is to animals. We have it when we are very young and we can have it back at any age by learning the Alexander Technique. Through the physical experience in Alexander lessons, you body relearns how to undo both the collapse and the overlayed holding up and you begin to employ this release in expanding directions. This results in an effortless natural perfect posture that is free from corrective fixed positions and free from pulls, stiffness, compression, collapse and tension you learn to move with youthful grace and unselfconscious poise.