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What Happens During a Private Lesson?

Alexander lessons are gentle, enjoyable, and painless. The session is both educational and experiential in nature. Students wear their everyday clothes, preferably clothes that don't limit movement. Each student proceeds at their own pace and learns to apply this safe, unique and powerful method to any activity or situation. Students learn to apply the technique during their normal activities and their specialized areas of interest without being distracted from what they are doing. Part of the session is done in a "constructive rest position" lying on a massage table, where the student gains an even greater sense of effortlessness and expansiveness. Most people experience a unique sense of lightness and effortlessness from the sessions as they move.

Eileen tailors each lesson to the individual student's needs and interests. In a typical lesson, Eileen uses her years of knowledge and skill to observe and analyze the student's habitual posture and movement patterns. She combines verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance to give the student a learnable new experience of moving freely without excess tension in their everyday movements and in their specialized activities. Along with this, Eileen explains the basic functional anatomy that gives students a correct body map of how their body is designed to move. Students also notice improvements in non-physical areas such as a happier mood, new power and strength, effortless concentration, reduced stress and a greater sense of calm.

Lessons are 45 minutes long. There are no set number of lessons for a student to take. People study as long as they like. Since there is no end to finding new ease and surprising improvements, some people study for years, not unlike learning a musical instrument. Eileen suggests that you start by just taking one lesson. You will learn things in that lesson that will be valuable and useful for an entire lifetime.