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Learn to Reduce Stress

dealing with stressWe all experience stressful situations even when we know that the stress we experience is something we put upon ourselves. There is a physical component as well. When we are anxious, we tighten our necks, shoulders and the rest of our body. These tension patterns are kept in our bodies in the form of physical habits long after the initial stress, causing us to react more easily to further stress. In learning the Alexander Technique, you learn a method that teaches you to react to stress differently, not by tightening, but by releasing in a pattern that makes you more alert, but less tense. Soon you learn to repeatedly let go of stress at will and are able to better deal with stressful situations without the harmful physical effects they can create.

The Alexander Technique taught by Eileen Troberman at Alexander Technique of San Diego is an invaluable tool for lessening stressful responses to life.