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Musicians Improve Abilities and Prevent Pain

Click on the image to see musician testimonials for Eileen TrobermanIn San Diego and internationally, Eileen Troberman is known for teaching musicians to utilize the Alexander Technique in their performance and practice.

Playing a musical instrument is a physical skill. Even a slight change in a musician's capacity for coordination can instantly make improvements that hours of practice with the old coordination skills could not. That is why so many musicians come to study with Eileen.

Most musicians who come to the Technique to learn to prevent aches, pains and strains that they experience while practicing and performing continue studying the Technique after this knowledge and relief is gained because the Technique becomes the basis for increasing their physical performance skill. Their fingers move faster and easier, they gain effortless power and and fine expression, breathing is automatically more effective, the tone improves and they can perform beyond their previous expectations.

Musicians also gain an ability to troubleshoot their own posture and movement utilizing the Technique, learning how to prevent future problems and are better able to continue performing well throughout their lives even into old age.

This Technique can also be used without distraction, anytime even in the middle of performance giving the performers access to a freer self-expression and a unique individual quality of aliveness in tone. Many of the musicians who study with Eileen have reported audience comments, received after their performance, containing the phrases "you were at one with the music", "I've never heard you play so well", "it seemed like the sound was coming from everywhere in the room, instead of just your instrument" and "it sounded so alive".

The Alexander Technique is a simple and effective method to remove many of the obstacles that prevent you from performing at your best. Whether you are a professional or amateur musician, you owe it to yourself to come and find out if you have patterns of excessive tension that are preventing you from playing as well as you can and to learn this method of improving coordination at will.

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