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Prevent and Relieve Pain

Click to learn how Louise was helped by the Alexander TechniqueMost people find their way to the Alexander Technique to learn skills for pain relief and prevention. Much of the chronic pain that people experience is due to how they "use" their bodies. Not necessarily what they do, but how they do it. How you sit, stand and move can have a great effect on how you feel. Through lessons with Eileen Troberman at the Alexander Technique San Diego, you can learn to move in a way that gives you an experience similar to weightlessness, decompressing in the middle of your everyday activities making the movements of life seem effortless

Since it's inception over 100 years ago, the Alexander Technique successfully helped many relieve and prevent pain. A recent peer reviewed study of the Alexander Technique's benefits in the area of back pain was published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal).

Its conclusions included:

"…six lessons in the Alexander Technique, … helped with back pain and functioning at three months."

"Lessons in the AlexanderTtechnique still had a beneficial effect on pain and functioning after 12 months"

"The effect of 24 lessons in the AlexanderTechnique was greater at one year than at three months,... and an 86% reduction in days in pain compared with the control group ..."

The article may be read in its entirety at the BMJ. ( Paul Little, George Lewith, Fran Webley, Maggie Evans, Angela Beattie, Karen Middleton, Jane Barnett, Kathleen Ballard, Frances Oxford, Peter Smith, Lucy Yardley, Sandra Hollinghurst, and Debbie Sharp; Randomised controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain
BMJ 2008; 337: a884)

If you suffer from chronic or intermittent muscular or skeletal pain, you owe it to yourself to come and at least take one lesson to find out what you can do for yourself to improve your issue.