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Pregnant Mothers Reduce Postural Pain

Expectant mothers study the Alexander Technique to avoid and alleviate the troubling back pain and poor posture that often accompanies pregnancy. Mother's-to-be learn to carry their weight in an easy light way so as not to put undo pressure and strain on their backs.  They can easily learn to avoid the compressing back and down into their backs that so commonly causes pressure and pain.  One of the reasons this knowledge is important is that this kind of pressure can worsen and have a long term effect when joints open up and become more mobile in later pregnancy. At the Alexander Technique San Diego, expectant mothers study the Alexander Technique with Eileen Troberman to learn how to move well throughout their pregnancy and afterwards learning how to bend, pick up, carry and nurse their new child without back, neck and shoulder pain.  The Technique also helps women deal with labor pains in a less tense fashion by learning to not react by putting tension in other areas of their bodies, such as their neck and shoulders. 

Liat Ayalon and sonOne of Eileen's student's describes her experience: "... As my body's size and shape changed, I felt that I needed to adapt my posture so I can stand, sit, walk, and dance in a way that keeps feeling good and natural. The Alexander sessions with Eileen helped me unlearn old postural habits that did not support my growing body and to acquire new ways to protect my lower back as my belly started pulling me forward.

"I learned to make my body a more spacious place for my growing baby while creating enough space for my own organs and my breathing. This was especially important towards the end of the pregnancy as my baby turned with his head up to a breech position a couple weeks before the due date. Other medical and pregnancy professionals tried to push him in a direction that contracted his head into his spine, thinking that they could push him head down in the shortest direction and change his breech position, but his breech position didn't change with these pushes. At this point, creating space for my baby to turn was crucial. I went to see Eileen and she worked on both me and my baby. With his first lesson given to him in utero, through Eileen's easy hands on top of my belly, he could sense how to let his head freely lead and create a decompressing direction for the movement. He turned around fully following this to be in the head first direction. She helped us both to be ready for a beautiful natural birth at home. ..."

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