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The Natural Breath

Click for video "Natural Breathing"We are designed for free effortless breath. It is natural to have a free coordinated breath that supports our singing and speaking voice. When we walk, sit, stand or move in our daily life, our breathing coordination is built in to be a companion to an effortless quality of our movement. We are designed to have an ease of breathing for sports or other physical activities which frees the muscles that provide the strength, grace and power of athleticism. Click here or on the image to the right to view an animation narrated by Eileen Troberman about Natural Breathing.

Most of us have unknowingly interfered with our breathing. This can have originated from a habit of holding our breath or a simple misunderstanding or misinterpretation about how breathing works, or just unrecognized patterns of muscular tension that we habitually hold in our body. if this interference goes unrecognized it can throw our breathing into a number of unrecognized lifetime habits that in turn feed stress.

The good news is that our incredibly beautiful breathing coordination can be restored! And it's easy to do by the application of the Alexander Techique to how we breath.


he Natural Breath to releave tensions.F.M. Alexander, the originator of the Alexander Technique,was known for his method of eliminating body tension habits that interfere with breathing. Carl Stough, the originator of "Breathing Coordination" also worked with eliminating the habits that interfered with natural breathing. He was known for his work with opera singers, musicians and actors as well as people with medical breathing problems like asthma and emphysema, His method gained acclaim when it was used to train the US Olympic Track and Field long distance runners, to prepare them for running in the in the high altitude of the hills around Mexico City in 1976. The US team won the Olympics that year despite having little experience with running in thin air, utilizing his training. Jessica Wolf, who originated the "Art of Breathing" put together a method that combines the breathing work of F.M. Alexander and Carl Stough. She coaches the actors at Yale School of Drama and has trained and certified 52 Alexander Technique teachers to be teachers of the Art of Breathing. I am one of the 52.

I combine my work with breathing with the basics of the Alexander Technique.