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Enhance Acting Skills

Enhance Stage PresenceCan you remember the rare times of going to a show where the performers seemed so real, so present and full of life, that you didn't know what they would do next? It almost crosses your mind to wonder if they were really actors or if somehow the real character had gotten on stage and was performing. You are taken into their world of the character and that world seems for a time to exist in reality. Their emotions change and so do yours, with speed and surprise. You are affected by the situation of the play, changed by the actor and have a richer experience of life because of it. Those performers are rare and we recognize their skill when we see it.
Benedikt from CirqueThe Alexander Technique can give you the key to that effectiveness. Eileen helps you create the freedom of your changeability and the natural finesse to access the detailed expressiveness of complex emotion. Your body becomes one congruent whole that conveys the character in a range from refined subtlety to strong emotion.Eileen also teaches you how to take the coordination of the audience with you on your journey as the character. Your presence expands with your believability.

This education is useful for anyone wanting to convey their own message more effectively speaking to a large or small group, whether business executive, lawyer, seminar leader, or clergy.

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