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Movement Coaching on Skype Video Based on the Alexander Technique

What is Movement Coaching on Skype Video?

Alexander Technique real time video over the internetEileen Troberman is demonstrating how to relieve pain and pressure by demonstrating movement skills over the internet using Skype video.Eileen uses refined observational ability and an intuitive sense movement patterns, meeting your unique needs by giving you individually tailored instructions live over the Internet using Skype video. She utilizes 30 years of skills based on the Alexander Technique to visually analyize your movements. During your individual session Eileen determins which posture and movement patterns might be causing you pain or limiting your ability to perform at your best. She then directs you, though both verbal and visual instruction on how to remove old patterns and replace them with a coordination designed for success, comfort and ease.

Is movement coaching on Skype the same as learning the Alexander Technique?

No. Of course, there is no substitute for hands-on one-on-one instruction in learning the Alexander Technique. Books and pre-recorded videos provide an insight into what one can obtain with the Alexander Technique, but an instructor provides the indespensible feedback and hands-on guidance and direction to undo habits and insure you are practicing correctly. But what about when going for an Alexander lesson is not possible? Movement Coaching based on the Alexander Technique using Skype can help you notice, understand and change movement patterns that have been getting in the way of you being your best.

How would I benefit from the Movement Coaching skills on Skype with Eileen Troberman?

Are you experiencing back, shoulder, neck or hip pain or repetitive movement strain? Eileen can help you discover the cause of your pain and how to prevent it and start you on a road to recovery to show you how to heal yourself and prevent further problems. Are you an actor, musician, athlete? Eileen can help you increase, enhance and refine your skills and perform with presence from the center of the moment. Eileen uses practical, simple methods based on the Alexander Technique and designed to put you in positive charge of your well-being. She teaches you a way to increase your stamina, comfort and performance that you can use to improve yourself for your entire life. Contact Eileen to let her start putting you on a practical, simple course to feeling and performing better.

Skype Movement Coaching is not a therapy, or a substitute for medical care but it addresses posture and movement patterns that may contribute to conditions such as: back pain, muscle or joint strain or repetitive motion injuries.

Whether you are wanting to find out what might be causing you pain and discomfort or if you are a musician or actor wanting to perform better than you ever have, and going for an in-person Alexander lesson is not possible, live video sessions over the internet using Skype can prove very helpful. This is a tremendous improvement over the one way learning of using a book or video as a guide.

Equipment and setup for a Skype video session is simple. All the student requires is a computer with high speed internet connection and a camera, microphone and speakers if not included. Before purchasing new equipment and downloading Skype, email Eileen Troberman with details on what you are trying to accomplish with the Movement Coaching based on the Alexander Technique. She will respond with your next step to begin.

An Alexander Technique distance learnerEileen teaching presentation skills based on the Alexander Technique to a United Nations UNIDO division via Skype.

Taking learning experiences of Movement Coaching on Skype Video from Amman Jordan, Esam exposes coworkers in Pakistan to its benefits. During the original sessions he stated "I am living in Amman, Jordan, which is almost 10 hours ahead of California, When I phoned Eileen the first time to be trained through Internet, I was rather skeptical that coaching through the web using Skype & web cam wouldn't be appropriate or reliable. An Alexander Technique distance learner Now I feel very excited of the progress that I am doing, just after almost 10 training sessions. Eileen, you do succeeded to let me feel the difference practicing Alex Tech. with this short period of time. I feel very pleased, relaxed and enthusiastic. I am quite sure that the Internet provides potential means to learn Alexander wherever you are in the globe.
Esam Alqararah
Amman, Jordan